We cannot go online with the OMRON CP1L series PLC by using the direct browsing method via Ethernet as we usually do with other types of OMRON PLCs such as CJ2, CS1 and PLCs that support Ethernet.

We can prove this by ascertaining whether this PLC is already online with our network.

By using the Auto Online method via Ethernet node, this Cp1L PLC will not be detected by the network.

Where is my PLC? its not appear in my local network. This picture below showing only CJ2M’s OMRON PLC but nothing appear for my CP1L PLC.

Meanwhile, if we do a ping-ing with the Command Prompt, the PLC will be connected to our computer.

In this example, a PLC type CP1L is set to the IP address

This PLC does not appear in the network when we do it online using the usual way.

But it will appear if we call it using the Command Prompt application and type the command “ping” and then press Enter.

From this we know that we have to use a separate method specifically for the CP1L PLC.


The way to start is by using the technique:

Enter the CX Programmer software.

Create a new file by clicking the FILE tab > NEW

Fill in the Device name with the name of the PLC that you will upload or monitor. Example: PLC1

Fill in Device type with CP1L-E field

Click the Settings button on Device Type and select the type of CPU you are dealing with.

In this lesson, the CPU type of PLC is EM.

In the Network type field, select Ethernet.

Click Settings > Drivers >

It will be show your PLC at your network. But it say that your PLC as an ip address ( example: ).

After OK click, you will redirect to CX Programmer working page back again.

Your PLC has entered the project workspace but is still offline. We have to do Online to upload the contents of the program.

After clicking the Yes button, the computer will then upload the contents of your PLC program.

Make sure the PLC is working Online.

Next, upload the contents of the PLC to your computer via the CX Programmer software.

If there are no problems, then you have successfully uploaded the program contents from the CP1L PLC and are ready for you to edit or monitor.




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