A friend asked me how to read the address of the Power Meter PM800, Pm700, PM53xx, PM63xx etc.? I answered: That’s easy.

A simple schematic on how to retrieve data from a Power Meter

Of course, many tools must be involved so that we can retrieve data from this PM800 Power Meter.

Physical schematic Monitoring Generator Parameter readings up to Monitoring System

We must provide Power Meter PM800, serial converter to LAN, Ethernet Hub, x86 or x64 PC containing Windows Operating system and SCADA software. In this case we use a software name Winlog SCADA made by Sielco Sistemi, Italy.

This software is paid, but has a trial feature of using about 30 minutes of runtime and then off. Not bad for study material. If you want it to run smoothly 24 hours, you have to buy the full software

If you want to collect the software, please SIGN UP so you can DOWNLOAD IT.

Tutorial and installation guide you can see HERE.

Then if you want to program the software please click HERE.

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