Mackie is a well-known American electronics manufacturer. Founded in 1988 by Greg Mackie and he is in the ranks of good audio at home and famous abroad.

Mackie is a former Boeing employee who loves to MAKE ombro/DIY stuff. Because he is smart in reading the market, GREG makes his own brand of audio equipment that he DESIGN.

Mackie’s first production is a home audio mixer with the LM-1602 series priced at 399 USD. Then DEVELOPED again with the CR-1604 type and sold well until it penetrated hundreds of thousands of units. because of this extraordinary response, Mackie is increasingly excited to make various kinds of audio products in all lines. (source: wiki).

PRODUCTS made by Mackie entered Indonesia in the mid 90’s. Owners of Mackie Audio Mixers are usually professional audio rental services and audiophillers who have enough money.


If you want to see Mackie’s website, please just click here.

The manuals , click here.

Full schematic click here.

I’m interested in one of those MACKIE mixers that I can’t afford: VR1604.

I adapted the tone control scheme only. the following is the result of the schematic download which was finally trimmed so that only the control tone is.

Tone Control Section of MACKIE 1604VLZ

Explanation: I can say if the schematic is a 2 level amplifier. The first stage is to amplify the signal with a gain of 1x, then the second amplifier (U105A) with a gain of until about 15dB

Please note that the total potentiometer in this scheme is 4 pieces, 2 pieces for hi lo, 2 for mid and freq.

Some home brewer technicians say that U101B and U101A are parametric equalizer circuits, because they don’t use the Baxandall method in their schematic. In this schematic diagram, it can be seen that the frequency range can be selected between 100Hz to 8kHz, and the gain frequency is set by R120 (MID).

Good luck.

yohan Indrawijaya

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